The wait is finally over as Cold Waters is now available from Steam.

Overall things went pretty smoothly, aside from the regular launch day issues that come with day one.

Some user are experiencing technical issues so please keep the reports coming and we’ll address them in an upcoming patch.

We are committed to improving the game with future content, incorporating player feedback and are looking forward to seeing what the community creates with user generated content.

If you’d like to provide additional support, the soundtrack is also available for purchase.

Good hunting!

22 Responses to “Cold Waters: OUT NOW”

    • Joe Bob the Commie Destroyer

      Game is amazing guys! Thank you for putting so much time and energy on it. I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you again!

      Happy Hunting!

  1. Griviues

    I’m rather inclined to buy the game. Just hesitant because I really would like to play the Soviet subs as well, they are the more interesting designs to me.

  2. TartarianHoplite

    Dear devs,how about modelling and adding US Navy ships,and so we could play backwards-use USSR submarines against NATO forces. The lack of side chosing struck severly russian-speaking players,as we don’t want to fight our own fleet. Or maybe later in the future,could you implement warships struggle apart from “subs vs ships”? The ships you have modelled are truly remarkable. There is no such a game now,where the player could use,for example, “Granit” cruise missiles to sink a carrier. Considering your huge work on USSR navy,adding such a gameplay diversity could brink your game to the whole new heights

  3. Fred Fleuren

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Have been playing Silent Hunter series as well as Dangerous Waters.
    Will the future see a multiplayer inclusion in this game?

  4. Kratch

    Hey Great game pls make the Ship weapons available so they can work with playable ships currently only harpoon and Tomahawk missiles work

  5. Phil Foster

    I think I will pick this game up but as I understand it you can only play American subs, not Soviet. Also, are there plans to introduce British or other NATO submarines?

  6. Triple Ace

    Sorry about that, it didn’t show my comments so I thought they didn’t send so I submitted them multiple times

  7. Pheonix

    Have you thought about making a historical DLC? Such as adding an British campaign against the Argentinians during the Falklands War?

  8. Triple Ace

    It’s shift plus D, just found out by pressing random keys. Now I have a new question! How do you use the towed array. Also my game gets really laggy when I sink a ship on the surface and it catches fire, could you please fix that?

  9. johan van duijn

    when i try to start the game it crashes so to bad can’t play the game can some 1 help me how to fix it

    • Killerfish Games

      Head over to the Steam forums an look at the Technical Support thread and/or post your issue on the forum.

  10. aoo22

    Hello,I am happy to see the game was put out!
    But i have some questions to ask you.
    1.well,i am from china,so could you add chinese lauguage into the great game?ヘ(^o^)ノ\(^_^) the player only could control the submarine?
    Can we use CA or CV? or you are still in making the ship modle and will put out later?
    I am16,so,,,as you see, my English is poor…
    Thank for your reading!

  11. totay

    Next game I would like a mobile ship game like Atlantic fleet but modern with real time and you can play with surface vessels too!


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