For those of you watching the development of our next game, the Cold Waters Steam Community Hub (and Store Page) is now live.

This will be the space to watch for the latest news and to discuss the development of Cold Waters as it gets closer to release.

All new screenshots have been posted to illustrate changes in the game’s progress since our Greenlight campaign three months ago.

Community Hub
Store Page

4 Responses to “Cold Waters Steam Community Hub”

  1. Michael

    You make games with such a good quality of graphics about WWII and now you created a game about Cold war which, I think, is going to be awesome. But didn’t you thought of creating a game about Civil War or naval battles of WWI. I think it might be a good idea. What do you think about it?

    • Killerfish Games

      They are great suggestions!
      However we can only do one game at a time and chose Cold War era for something a little different and which hasn’t been the subject of a naval game for quite some time.

      • Michael

        No, I actually meant that after creating this wonderful game you can try next. If you can.

      • Michael

        I have one more suggestion maybe you will find it also useful. You have made a giant work with damage model in Atlantic Fleet. Many players also loved Pacific Fleet. What I mean is it possible to update damage model there and add more ships: for example in Imperial Japanese Navy there were loads of them as well as in US Navy.


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