Killerfish Games is a self funded independent game studio creating detailed and compelling games of excellent quality for mobile and PC platforms.

The studio was founded in 2014 by Paul Sincock Ph.D. and Nils Dücker with offices in Australia and Sweden.

Paul Sincock Ph.D. (Founder)

After a career in cancer research at the University of Adelaide, South Australia and Stanford University, California, Paul went on to work in the systems biology field and software development in Silicon Valley. With a life long passion for computer and board gaming he turned his attention to game development and has been having fun ever since.

Nils Dücker (Founder)

With a vocational degree in game art from The Game Assembly, Nils brings both artistic expertise and industry experience to the table. He’s worked on titles shipped to PC and mobile platforms including Battlefield 3 (EA DICE), the Little Big Planet franchise (Tarsier Studios) and The Perils of Man (IF GAMES).