Atlantic Fleet

Turn-based naval tactical and strategic simulation depicting the struggle between the mighty Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine during World War II.

PC/Mac edition available from Steam.

Atlantic Fleet will put you in command of the Royal Navy or Kriegsmarine (German Navy) in the longest military campaign of WWII, The Battle of the Atlantic.

“5/5 Atlantic Fleet is probably the game of the year.”

“9/10 I am simply gobsmacked that this level of detail is even included in a 10 USD iOS title.”

Take command of surface ships, submarines as well as carrier and land based aircraft in the deadly struggle for control of Atlantic shipping lanes during World War II.

Protect allied convoys as the Royal Navy and her allies or go on the offensive with deadly submarine wolf packs and surface raiders of the German Navy.

Play through 30 historical Single Missions or make your own with the Custom Battle editor.

Take on 50 mission campaigns for each navy and build your fleet.

Recreate the challenges faced in the Battle of the Atlantic as you play a Dynamic Campaign with limited resources, historical units, actual convoy routes and real world-based weather.


  • 60 highly detailed historic ship models representing over 630 individual ships and 350 submarines
  • Command individual ships, e.g. HMS King George V & HMS Prince of Wales in the same battle
  • Massive 10 ships per side battles and convoy engagements
  • 3 Modes of play: Single Mission, Campaign and Battle of the Atlantic Dynamic Campaign
  • All campaigns saved individually for each navy
  • Fire main and secondary gun batteries
  • Visual ship damage with destructible turrets, directors and more
  • Binocular and periscope views with zoom
  • Torpedo salvos along with fore and aft torpedo rooms for submarines
  • Improved anti-submarine warfare with sonar, hedgehog, squid
  • Wolf packs and multiple diving depths for submarines
  • Complete overhaul of graphics and environments, including underwater