1.07 Released

The 1.07 update, containing numerous fixes (including the fix for S3 devices) is now available.

Amazon – 1.07 Available Now
Google Play – 1.07 Available Now
iOS – 1.07 in review.

In addition an updated Atlantic Fleet Manual is available from the Killerfish Games website and includes detailed release notes on what’s new. Many thanks to those reported bugs and help make the game better for everyone.

Game Manual

First draft of a full game manual for Atlantic Fleet is now available for download to supplement the information given in the in-game one. A German version will be coming soon also.


The folks over at Pocket Tactics have reviewed Atlantic Fleet. Couple of highlights are below or head to Pocket Tactics for the full review.

“If the true test of a game is how much time you spend playing it, then Atlantic Fleet is probably the game of the year.”

“The tactical model that underpins Atlantic Fleet is a remarkable balance of movie-style action and detailed simulation, and that creates a lot of emergent fun.”

“The finishing touch on top of all of these elements is Atlantic Fleet’s canny AI, which seems to be as attached to its ships as you are to yours.”

Battle stations! Atlantic Fleet is back on the App Store and ready to play. Feel free to give us your feedback and please post reviews on the App Store to let others know what you think of the game.

Good Hunting!

Android: with the iOS issues finally out of the way we’re back to getting the Android version up on Google Play and Amazon. It is very close, so not long now.

iOS Update 1.01

The update which fixes crashes on iPhone devices has been approved and Atlantic Fleet will reappear on iTunes soon. Thanks for your patience while we got this resolved.

Android Release: bug reports from the initial iOS release have been coming in and fixes for these are being incorporated into the Android release. We’re working to get the Android version out as soon as we can.

After hours of crash log surfing we’ve identified the issue and are coming up with a solution. Since it is a game killing bug, sales of Atlantic Fleet are on hold until an update containing the fix is available on iTunes. The update will have to go through the Apple Review process which we hope will be faster since it is an already approved game.

Thanks for your patience as well as to those providing crash logs and bug reports which assisted in quickly isolating the problem.

Apple have given Atlantic Fleet the all clear and the game has been released to iTunes. It should be available sometime in the next 24 hours.

Unfortunate news for Android though as we hit some issues during the upload process to Google Play. We’re working on getting it resolved and will then get the Amazon version up.

A review by Pocket Tactics should be out later today/tonight so keep an eye out for it to see if it has been worth the wait.

Also, here’s the launch trailer!

Finally we have a build of the game ready for release. This last week of testing certainly paid off as there were some iOS8 problems along with a few game breaking bugs.

If no issues are found in the next few days, the plan is to submit Atlantic Fleet for review sometime later next week. Price will be USD $9.99 across all stores (iTunes, Google Play and Amazon).

The release version will contain 60 ship classes representing 631 individual warships, 354 individual submarines, 7 types of merchant ship as well as 13 playable aircraft types.

April Update #3

Another week slips on by…
Game manual is written and when you put the credits page together you know you’re getting close to submission!

Only significant jobs left are a few dynamic campaign AI tweaks and stomping any last bugs that show up. Overall the game is starting to feel very polished.

Still no time to shoot a video, but how about we show a shot of an Avro Lancaster landing a direct hit on Tirpitz with a 12,000lb Tallboy bomb instead. As of yesterday, they’re both in the game.

April Update #2

Optimization is complete! Memory usage is reduced to 25% of what it was last week and incredibly Atlantic Fleet now uses only a touch more memory than Pacific Fleet.

GUI optimization is also complete with an automated method for lining up buttons with the edges of any sized screen on any device.

There’s still a few balance issues with the dynamic campaign to solve and some final checking and bug fixes to do. However this week should see the first release candidate versions getting built. It is getting close!

With so much coding there’s not been time to shoot some video, so for now here’s a pic of the twins Scharnhorst and Gneisenau weathering an Atlantic storm.