The wait is over, Atlantic Fleet PC/Mac edition is now available from Steam.
Contains greatly improved graphics, more detailed ship models as well as an overhauled user interface with mouse and keyboard support.

1.11 Released

Atlantic Fleet 1.11 update has been released for Android (iOS version under review by Apple).

It contains a fix for a rare, but rather nasty bug that could corrupt British Battle of the Atlantic games when a G,H Class destroyer was purchased. North Carolina has also been made a little more resilient and the Nelson secondary gun orientations have been fixed.

PC Enhanced Edition

Atlantic Fleet PC enhanced-edition is close to release.
This will not just be a straight port of the mobile game as the ships, environments and user interface have had a major overhaul.

A couple more screens are posted on the Facebook page.

1.10 Released

Earlier in the week Apple approved the 1.10 update for Atlantic Fleet making it now available for iOS, Android and Kindle.
The PDF game manual has also been updated for 1.10 and contains a full list of enhancements and fixes under the Release Notes section for those interested.

In other news:
Atlantic Fleet Lite versions should be coming out next week.
Atlantic Fleet PC/Mac version is getting close, not sure we’ll have it out for Christmas however. Screenshots coming in the next week or so.

Steam Greenlit

Atlantic Fleet has been given the Greenlight by Steam and the plan is to have the game out in time for Christmas!

Also in the works:
1.10 Update in final testing and should be out this week.
Atlantic Fleet Lite versions out shortly after this.

What is new for the PC version?
It is getting a complete graphics overhaul with better looking ships, environments and special effects. The user interface is also being redesigned with mouse and keyboard support being added.

Steam Greenlight

Atlantic Fleet has just been submitted to Steam’s Greenlight process. If you’d like to see the game available on PC and Mac, swing by the link above, vote for it, post comments and let others know it is there.

Once Atlantic Fleet gathers enough votes, it’ll be approved and we’ll then be able to release the game through Steam.

What’s new in the PC/Mac version?
Mostly some graphical improvements, full music scores and enhancements to the user interface at this stage.

1.09 Status

Update 1.09 is nearly complete and should be out in the next few weeks. All bug reports and player feedback to date has been incorporated along with 2 new ship classes:
– North Carolina Class Battleship (2)
– Type XXI Submarine (118)

Major improvements also include:
– Enemy disengaging off by default.
– Fine tune button for easier aiming.
– Splash history used for target solution calculation.
– Barracudas (finally) available to carriers (CV).
– List of naval ships lost in BotA.
– Auto-sinking of unescorted merchants in BotA.
– Option for up to 30 player ships in BotA games.
– Ability to purchase start ships in BotA.
– Carrier flight decks more resilient and 2x wing sizes.
– BotA repairing and persistent damage issues fixed.
– All known mission start or turn breaking bugs fixed.

SimHQ Review 9/10

Fred “HeinKill” Williams from SimHQ has reviewed Atlantic Fleet and took some time to interview Nils Duecker, the lead artist for the game.

Atlantic Fleet scored a 9/10 and Fred had the following to say:
“This impressive game costs about the same as a fast food meal, but offers you a three course dinner you won’t tire of.”
“And honestly, I am simply gobsmacked that this level of detail is even included in a 10 USD iOS title.”

Read the full review & interview here.