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We’d like to distribute DRM free versions of Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet through, but can’t do so without player votes!

Please visit to vote:

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  1. Dan

    I have no interest in modern ships I like the big gun world war ships..
    Atlantic fleet is wearing thin now I’d love to see a purchasable set of ships like Roma / Iowa/etc especially Italian / French or German ships..
    Also King George’s shells were as effective as 15 in & her armour quality made her actually harder than the belt thickness suggests.
    I’d like to see a speed up option so you don’t have to watch alllll the enemy ships firing at you in turn in normal speed it’s laborious…
    If the next thing is a Pacific fleet2 then that’s great but I’d miss the Royal Navy & Bismarck / hutten etc can’t we have the lot or at least capital ships….
    Would anyone else like to see this type of game made again but set in ww1…there were some great old battle wagons slugging it out..

  2. Mike Irdmann

    GOG is my favorite gaming platform for buying games because it has a very high quality standard in action when delivering and supporting these games. The user is not left alone and – other than the platform where your game currently is – the gamer can concentrate on the game, not on the platform.

    I highly expect the ‘happy hour’ seeing your game to buy on GOG or on your homepage !

    My best greetings, and happy Christmas to you and all your Team!


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