It is nearly a year since Cold Waters was released and what a year it has been…
In that time we’ve made continuous updates, improvements and added additional content, all to the base game and all for FREE!

What’s New Trailer
Check out the “What’s New” trailer to see highlights of these major additions since release which include;

South China Sea Campaign
An all new campaign takes you to the warm waters of the Pacific where you’ll take on the People’s Liberation Army Navy of China in an attempt to maintain naval control and bring stability to the region.

New Player Submarines
By popular demand, the formidable Seawolf class is now playable along with the Los Angeles Flight 2 and Flight 3.

Crew Voices
Adding to the tension, immersion and putting you firmly in command, your crew now call out warnings, updates and verify orders you’ve given.

Point and Click Controls
We got a lot of feedback about the controls and listened to what players wanted, namely a full point and click interface with tool tips to command your submarine. So we added it (and made it fully modifiable to build the user interface you want).

Neutral Shipping
Not every contact is a target anymore! Fishing trawlers, container ships, tankers and whales roam the ocean making it crucial to correctly identify your targets before firing on them.

Improved Terrain, Cities and Air Bases
The terrain system has been completely overhauled to improve performance and visual quality. In addition, urban areas, cities, all new port facilities and air bases have been added, many of which may well be targets for your land strike missions.

Ship Recognition Manual
Can’t remember the difference between a Kanin and a Kashin, or a Luda and a Luhu? You won’t have to with the in-combat ship recognition manual, a comprehensive encyclopedia of the various ships and submarines outlining their capabilities, sensors and weapon systems.

New Vessels, Aircraft and Weapons
Over 35 new vessels, mostly comprising the People’s Liberation Army Navy as well neutral shipping, have been added in conjunction with new weapon systems and aircraft to support them.

Vertical Launching Systems
Available on the Los Angeles Flight 2 and 3, these batteries of missiles let you stock up on additional anti-ship or anti-land missiles which can be fired in rapid volleys.

Oil Rigs
Similar to neutral shipping, oil rigs are also dotted about the oilfields of the North Sea and South China Sea.

14 Responses to “South China Sea Free Update”

  1. Landen Greene

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love the games you guys make. I started playing pacific fleet about two years ago and have fallen in love with all of the games that you all have created, except for one. Cold waters is the kind of game I’ve always wanted to play, a modern Us fleet duking it out against the Russians in a “cold war went hot” cenario, however I don’t have a working PC to play it on. I was wondering if by some chance that this game might come to google play in the future? Mabey with less playable units and restricted boundaries, but also with some special units not yet put in the PC version, like the modernized Uss Iowa class which I’ve always wanted to see a game that had her in it in her “second life” as a battleship. But anyways I was just wondering if this beautiful game might be coming to google play on mobile devices anytime soon?

  2. NemoM22

    Can you please make the ships in Chinese ports destructible because I want to truly being the fight to their ports!

  3. Darren

    Killerfish, please respond to our suggestions please. A lot of us love your games and definitely want to support/ encourage the development of Cold Waters Mobile or Pacific Fleet 2 (similar to atlantic fleet)? Thank you and we are thankful to have these games we can play.

  4. Leran

    Hey guys!
    Just dropping by to let you know that your games are awesome! And how much I love your works; especially this one.
    I’ve been following your progress with great interest since I first heard of you; when Atlantic Fleet was only in the development stages. I must say, you’ve come a really long way since the beginning, when Pacific Fleet was your only game.
    I absolutely loved the gameplay of Atlantic Fleet, mainly the BotA campaign, as the Kriegsmarine.
    This one, is a really big step towards a new type of gameplay, and of game; which involves skills, and knowledge, but also fast reactions, and adapting to new situations fast.
    This game is as rewarding, as it is challenging, and this balance is what makes a game that’s good stand out from the rest.
    I hope to see the day when a PC version of Pacific Fleet, with a more complex interface, Atlantic Fleet-like gameplay, and, of course, more, and more detailed units.
    If that day ever comes, I shall be one of the proud pre-orderers.
    Anyways, you’re doing a great job, keep at it!
    Best regards,

  5. Blank

    Question for the developers, I’ve been with you guys since Pacfic fleet, I was just wondering if you would ever consider releasing a game for Xbox or another counsle, thanks in advance!

    • Dan

      Nope there still busy with cold waters I guess…3 years & no new Atlantic fleet style game we have both been waiting for Pacific fleet 2 or something like that…nobody comments here the Atlantic fleet community have dispersed I guess

      • Darren

        Yes, I think so… what a sad news. I really hope there will be something releasing before Christmas this year, maybe Pacific Fleet 2 similar to Atlantic Fleet Mobile… It will be the best Christmas present from Killerfish.

  6. gm11

    This game should be ported to the Nintendo Switch and released on the eShop… there is a 3DS game called “Steeldivers: Sub Wars”. Having this game as a compliment on that system would be perfect. Optimizing the game would be easier on Switch than on mobile devices. There are users with older MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs that were made almost a decade ago and are still able to play this game. Some games take up lots of storage on the Switch, such as Wolfenstein 2. Unlike iOS and Android, which may have app size restrictions, the Switch is free from those restrictions. The Nintendo Switch also has the advantage of a cooling fan over most high-end smartphones, which allows playing more demanding games for sustained periods of time. I guarantee 100% that the front page of the News app would feature this game if it was ported.

    • gm11

      There’s also speculation going out that the iPad Pro 2018, which will be announced on October 30, is going to have an A12X processor and be the most powerful mobile device in the world. Last year’s iPad Pro and iPhone X’s CPU’s were able to surpass the Kaby Lake i5 of the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro. They are known to be faster than even the older MacBook Airs and Pros that still manage to run Cold Waters, which have been talked about on Steam. The mobile port could be initially exclusive to the following high-end devices to make it easier to port to mobile:

      – iPad Pro (2017 or newer)
      – iPad 9.7 inch (2017 and later)
      – iPhone X
      – iPhone XS
      – iPhone XS Max
      – iPhone XR
      – Nintendo Switch

      As the years pass by, more mobile devices will have access to the game. An Android port could come later.

      Hopefully, the full game would be able to run at 60fps with optimization work for them.

      While Killerfish Games said storage was an issue to one of my replies in the past, Cold Waters taking much storage is no longer an issue thanks to 512GB iPhones and iPads in existence. The download on the iOS App Store can also be compressed to <4GB to pass the app size download restrictions in the App Store.

      • gm11

        Cold Waters’ Windows version is only 1.89GB on my 2018 MacBook Pro. No doubt that the game would be perfect on mobile devices!

  7. Dan

    King George class are frustrating as there guns get knocked out easily almost halving there firepower but the steel used was the equivalent to 17in armour on the mags so there an underrated ship annoyingly limited by a treaty others basically ignored.
    This game doesn’t reflect the quality of armour & equipment this ship actually had.
    When o when will there be another turn based fleet game…preferably with all nations.

  8. Darren

    I am always thinking of a new game e.g. Pacific fleet 2/ Cold waters mobile or a major update for current mobile games. But seems like Killerfish has given up on them already…?


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