GOG Launch Sale

Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet are now available on GOG.
Both games are on sale for the launch week with 20% off Cold Waters and a whopping 50% off Atlantic Fleet.

Get them here:

10 Responses to “GOG Launch Sale”

  1. Graustreif

    That’s really nice! I’ll definitely buy Cold Waters!

    But I already bought Atlantic Fleet for more than 10 Euros in the Play Store. Do I have to buy the game again on GOG? Or is there a way to avoid that? Since it would be a bit bad to buy the same game two times.

  2. CatLady

    I have two questions, though:
    1. Is it the Pc version 1.02 (beta branch of steam) or 1.01? If the latter case, Releasing the 1.02 patch properly would be *really* something proper to do.
    2. No problem with running AF through wine (haven’t checked with Cold Waters yet, will definitely do before buying), but do you guys have plans on supporting Linux releases natively? C’mon, it s 2018, not 1998, and you use rather inter-system compatibility friendly engine, anyway. *Usually* I don’t even consider buying new games that don’t support Linux-based systems natively, you got exception due to sheer amount of fun the game gave me on mobile. But the grace period won’t last forever ;)


  3. Twilight

    Great work! And, I am waiting for the sequel of Pacific Fleet with a similar system of Atlantic Fleet.

  4. BB Yamato

    Its surprising the lack of activity here. Hey Killer Fish any news about upcoming updates or games?

  5. BB Yamato

    Its surprising the lack of activity here. Hey Killer Fish any news about upcoming updates or games? Also how are you guys doing?

  6. Mikhail

    Hey! That’s really great!!! What about creating a game about Italians fighting British fleet on Mediterranean. That would be just amazing!!! And you already can use warships of the british navy from Atlantic Fleet. The game could be as interesting as previous ones, or more))

  7. Mikhail

    Your games are brilliant!!! What’s next?? Pacific Fleet 2?)) Or something about American Civil war? Or maybe about Soviet Union fighting germans?)))

  8. Chris Delano

    I already bought Atlantic Fleet before. Would I have to buy it again to play it on Mac?


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