This update (version 1.08g2) contains several major UI improvements, 4 new carrier classes along with other general fixes and improvements. For more information and comments/discussion see the official Steam Announcement.

New Aircraft Carrier classes;
– Lexington
– Wasp
– Ryujo
– Zuiho

4 New Single Missions featuring the new aircraft carrier classes have also been added.

USS Lexington with Devestators.

Japanese Light Carrier Ryujo.

Roster Sorting
Left click and drag unit tabs to reorder the roster list. Changing the order sorts units and impacts their positions in formations. For example, rearranging the list and placing those units in Line Ahead formation places ships in positions as indicated by the roster list order.
– config.txt added “enableRosterSort”:true to enable left click and drag to re-sort unit roster tabs
Roster Sorting

Roster Shift Click Selection
Shift Click on a roster tab now selects all units between the one clicked and the current player controlled unit. Similarly, clicking a selected unit de-selects these relevant units.
Shift Click Selection

Map Shift Click Selection
Shift click on a map contact now selects/deselects it. Shift clicking on a unit of a different type (Sea vs Air) will switch control to that unit. This makes “Selection” mode obsolete and it will be removed soon.

Map Box Selection
While holding Shift, left click and drag on map for box selection. Units within the box will be selected.
– Selecting units of a type different to the controlled unit, will switch control to the first unit of the other type. For example, if controlling a ship and a selection box is drawn around aircraft, control switches to the first aircraft and any others within the box are also selected.
– If both Sea and Air units are within the selection box, Sea takes precedence.
– config.txt added “boxSelectAutoSwitch”:true to automatically switch between Sea/Air units based on selection area. If both Sea and Air units selected, Sea takes precedence. If false, only units of the same type as the current player controlled unit are selected.
– interface/images/map added selectionSquare.png
– interface/styles added “MapSelectionSquare” reference for the selection box
Box Selection

Searchlight Lighting
The recently added searchlights now have complex lighting.

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