Battle stations! Atlantic Fleet is back on the App Store and ready to play. Feel free to give us your feedback and please post reviews on the App Store to let others know what you think of the game.

Good Hunting!

Android: with the iOS issues finally out of the way we’re back to getting the Android version up on Google Play and Amazon. It is very close, so not long now.

12 Responses to “Atlantic Fleet iOS Available”

  1. This Is A Unique Username

    Thank God! Now all I have to do is wait for the android version, and I can play! Killerfish, you have done a fantastic job. I salute you!

  2. wolf878

    finally!! Im a daily on this website 90 times a day. Hara!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. fallbeing

    how to place 6 ships on battlefield in campaign?i can only place 4.

  4. Lhgv

    Guys, I love, love this game! I played Pacific Fleet numerous times all the way through and am now slogging my way across the Atlantic. Well done!
    One question: is the AI a little out of whack? Several times I have had a heavy cruiser taken out by a single shot from a light cruiser (1st shot of the encounter). Other times a ship of mine with only medium damage has been scuttled. This is kind of frustrating. I have restarted the campaign several times already.

    Other than that, super job!

    • Killerfish Games

      In BotA, damage is permanent and repaired in port. So a starting salvo can finish off a ship damaged in a previous engagement or event.
      If this is not the case, might just have been a very unlucky magazine explosion, which can happen.
      A ship with medium damage shouldn’t scuttle… It wasn’t accidentally scuttled?

      • Lhgv

        Don’t think so. And it has happened at least twice. I have switched campaigns and am playing as German with considerably greater success. I will try playing as Allies again later.

        Keep up the good work – I really like the game.


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