Cold Waters: Ports

It was a busy weekend at Killerfish Games and after much work we’re pleased to announce that ports have made it into Cold Waters.
See the Cold Waters Community HUB for more.

Ports serve as strategic locations that can be lost or recaptured as the ground war in Europe unfolds. Some ports have airfields and keeping these under your control will enable friendly recon aircraft to patrol the seas looking for enemy movement. But if the enemy occupies these locations, they will be able to launch their recon aircraft instead.

Ports are also the focus of insertion missions. For these you will need to return to base, pick up a SEAL team and then make your way to the target port. On arrival, you’ll run the gambit of enemy ASW patrol ships as well as aircraft, helicopters and mine fields in an attempt to drop off your SEAL team while remaining undetected. If successful, your spec ops will perform sabotage behind enemy lines.

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  1. Lee

    This sounds great! So excited for the release! Will it be on the Apple Store for Mac or just Steam?


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