Tim Stone from Rock Paper Shotgun had some hands on time with a pre-release build of Cold Waters. Full Article Here.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m mightily impressed with what I’ve seen so far.”

“Moving your vessel and using its weapons and sensors = child’s play. Moving your vessel and using its weapons and sensors in such a way that you stay alive and slay the enemy = dashed tricky and totally engrossing.”

“Cold Waters’ GUI might be lightweight compared with Dangerous Waters’ but its physics, sonar and environmental modelling are strong enough to bear direct comparison.”

“Cold Waters – ETA: any day now – is looking remarkably strong”


  1. Anonymous

    Now that you guys are almost finished, is a mobile version in the back of your minds?

    • Darren

      I actually prefer them to work on Pacific fleet first, just like Atlantic fleet, or even better

  2. Dan

    Loved Atlantic fleet & very disappointed last year they announced cold waters..
    It’s a year later is there any thoughts on another turn based fleet game or maybe a couple of extra ships for Atlantic fleet…world of warships has upgradable ships & hasn’t missed out the star players..Iowa where are you..lion (the actual ship launched) where….& just for fun there is Roma & Yamato (I know Yamato is a different area but so is the Hutten) & if they make a new Pacific fleet will there be no chance to use British ships against Japanese ones just for fun & variation…

  3. Capgamer10

    I’m exited for the game but I found out it’s only on pc and Mac and if it dose not come on iPad i will be sad I’ve wait for this game for a long time even in 2016 I’ve waited
    If it dose come on iPad i will be happy and is the typoon submarine going to be in the game and will we be able to sail Battlship s and aircraft carriers and I don’t have a Mac
    I only have an iPad good luck on the game plz bring it to iPad thank you

    • Dan Dan the Submarine Man

      That was the longest run on sentence I’ve ever seen in my life.

  4. Joe Bob the Commie Destroyer

    Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Is the above sub a Los Angeles class or Sturgeon class?

      • John

        I think killerfish games must add some improved permit class sub like uss greenling, gato, haddock,etc. B’cause i’ve read on some articles they were had bigger sail and long hull

  5. Bob

    Why no iOS 11 upgrade for Atlantic Fleet or Pacific Fleet can’t use either game as of now.


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