Chris Ketcherside, a former Marine and working on a PhD in military history, reviews Atlantic Fleet for the latest issue of WWII Magazine, giving it a full 5 out of 5.

“Atlantic Fleet is arguably one of the best computer simulations of this aspect of World War II currently available.”

Read the full HISTORYNET Review here.

68 Responses to “5/5 WWII Magazine/HISTORYNET Review”

  1. DigestedSine561

    Congratulations Killerfish on another well-deserved review!
    Now, you can’t keep us waiting much longer? Can you?

  2. anonymous

    Congratulations on the 5/5 I feel bad because because I’m going to ask:

    when will the next game be announces

  3. Darren

    Killerfish, how’s the progress of the game? Possible to tell anything? Can’t wait …

  4. Killerfish Games

    We finally have a development build of our next game that we feel is good enough to start taking some screenshots. Thanks for your patience and shouldn’t be long now…

    • Lee

      Yaaay! Hopefully it would be out before 2017! But to be honest, the devs should take as much time as they want. I like great games with great detail that takes alot of time to develop over games with lacking detail pushed out prematurely.

  5. IJN_Admiral

    I hope it will be soon.Pls don’t do what wargaming has done.
    They always say very soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

    • MattF4U-4

      Gib Queen Elizabeth before her 1930s refit.

      Queen Elizabeth most OP WW1 BB ommmmg

      TBH,I could imagine a Cold War game being fun as well(A Dynamic Campaign would be hard to make though).I’ll accept anything really,

  6. Dan

    Just hope it’s Not modern ships there ugly triangle shaped computer missile things no class at a digital Rolex nooooo.
    Ww1 would be good but I’d like the current gaming style kept if it’s like world of warships I don’t think I’d even try it it’s not my cup of tea.
    What I want what I really really want apart from a ziga ziga is the current platform with a few extras basically other navies not just American vs Japan or uk Germany etc but Yamato on the same screen as hood & Montana vs lion nation vs nation so it’s maximising the playability options on a skirmish mode.then yes realistic missions are nice but this doesn’t have to be too real a skermish can have h44 vs 2 Roma class etc.thats where the repeat go back to the game is after you have finished the Atlantic modes etc.

  7. Dan

    I’d like an off mode for planes I guess that’s another reason for ww1 choice.
    The whole battleships fighting it out was ruined by planes which is accurate but it’s still a step away from battleships & guns to planes & missiles which is not so fun.
    I know there is an element of fun in it but it’s annoying & you can feel battleships becoming pointless towards the end of the war.again that’s accurate but I’m a big gun war machine fan.

    • BatRaw

      Isnt it amazing how you play with Bismarck in BoA and there 1 BB 1CV 2CA 2CL and 3 DDs attakcing on you. When you must fight against little ods and be a hero. THEN LOSE GODDAMN 75000 CREDITS!!! FUUUUUUU

  8. Darren

    If they are now taking screenshots of the new game, I guess the game has been developed to 80% completion right?

  9. Darren

    To be honest, that’s a quite serious delay on game promotion … hope the game will be far more exciting than we expect

    • MattF4U-4

      Things happen… Don’t take ETA’s as a solid statement as to when something will be announced/released.

      Plus,aside from development of the Game,consider that the Developers have Lives of their own…

  10. Mark

    Killerfish, it’s been 18 days since we have heard anything. I know you have your own personal lives but it doesn’t take 18 days to get some screenshots.

  11. Killerfish Games

    Patience folks.
    Do keep in mind that the delay is in the timing of announcing the title and launching the Greenlight campaign, it is not a delay in ongoing development which continues as normal.

    Once we do get the game announced, it will be in a much more final looking state and that much closer to actual release.

    • IJN_Admiral

      Oh,glad to know that there’s no serious problems in ongoing game development.
      My apologize for being rude,l’m just too excited about the new game =))

    • Mark

      Ok, I am relieved to know that there is not a problem. Good luck and sorry if I was being rude, I am really excited!

  12. Dan

    Made a few comments here regarding ww1 & purity of battleships being fun as ww2 based games with planes emphasise the reality that was the death of the steel monsters were all buzzing about like Romans at a colluseum with gladiators,
    But a dream I had last night after playing a bit late braught it home to me a bit what we’re all playing.
    I was in a room with my friends we were locked in by our boss who we all trusted.
    He said he was in there with us & as the banging & explosions got louder our faith eroded into panic in some cases in the pitch black in the end they were friends crawling over friends scratching there skin as they tried to get higher to the air & to where the top of the room was but now it had turned maybe it was the wall as the ship rolled but there was no light just screaming & men almost kids scratched the walls & in disbelief that there lives just started were now a desperate death in a steel room in pitch black.many did this with already horrific injuries.
    Great game but Its not in reality unlike playing the mad gunner in an unarmed teenagers army training camp.i know it’s a game but it’s horrific the reality of the hood sailors & Bismarck crew. Actually put yourself there & next time you sink a ship you think…gosh…I’m rein acting a disaster in human life..
    I was on the kyarra wreck this weekend & digging in the hold 30 m down I came across a shoe….
    It’s a fun game but let’s remember war is the worst thing & remember the sacrifice in them ships…it was real….

  13. BBYamato

    Still any annocumeent will be appreciated. Also is there a way to win as the German navy after December 7th 1941 with the 700,000 ton requirement? I have been play BOTA in hard mode and Iโ€™m at 611,000 tones with half a year left in the game.

  14. DigestedSine561

    What platform(s) is the next game going to be available on? Your Facebook page makes it sound PC only.

  15. Darren

    Actually, does anyone realize that Bismarck in Atlantic Fleet is missing torpedo tubes?


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