April Update #3

Another week slips on by…
Game manual is written and when you put the credits page together you know you’re getting close to submission!

Only significant jobs left are a few dynamic campaign AI tweaks and stomping any last bugs that show up. Overall the game is starting to feel very polished.

Still no time to shoot a video, but how about we show a shot of an Avro Lancaster landing a direct hit on Tirpitz with a 12,000lb Tallboy bomb instead. As of yesterday, they’re both in the game.

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  1. CaptainHaddock

    Fantastic, very much looking forward to this. So good to see a game produced by someone who actually cares about content, both in terms of quality and historical accuracy. As an aside, will there be a function to blockade or bombard coastal facilities, such as ports? Keep up the excellent work!

    • Killerfish Games

      No direct port attacks. But in the Battle of the Atlantic, air raids against naval facilities do occur as an event.

  2. Steven B

    Glad you’re getting close. Would love to be able to preview the manual. IMHO you can skip the video and devote resources to getting this baby on to Google play! Hoping you will soon publish expected price range for product. Thank you!!

  3. metti2912

    the community can not wait anymore . the Atlantic war must begin. until the last grenade….

  4. titanic better be in the game

    Funny,Dumb question…….. is titanic going to be in Atlantic Fleet

    • Killerfish Games

      RMS Titanic sank in 1912, well before the commencement of hostilities of WWII.
      So no, she’s not in the game.

  5. gm11

    Thank you for your reply, developers. It will look awesome on my iPad Air 2, and those who have devices with A7 or newer processor.

  6. gm11

    Remember that Killerfish Games has said in the latest update that it’s not submitted for approval. It can’t be this week, but there’s a possibility that we could get an update this week. That is, if they finish balancing and bug fixes.

  7. Matthew

    My son has saved up his money this week to get an ipad mini just for this game! He hasnt touched it ever since.


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