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Version 2.10 of Pacific Fleet is now available for all supported platforms. It contains a couple of quick fixes for the Android/Kindle version of the game, but most importantly, it brings the iOS version up to speed with the many recent changes to the game!

What’s new in 2.10

  • Star shell brightness greatly increased
  • Ships no longer face away from each other at combat start
  • Added “Auto Next” feature under Quit Battle page (1 to 3 second delay between auto turn progression)
  • Fixed TDC/Imp. Detonators not applied to first torpedo fired
  • IJN ships now lose xp when sunk in campaign
  • Aircraft attacks must target an enemy before launching
  • *** on level 1 IJN Campaign now displays correctly on map
  • AAA upgrade reduced to 8,000 renown, allows M.I.C. achievement
  • Fixed a bug where a sinking ship would sometimes linger on surface
  • Fixed a rare bug where turn order broke on an enemy sinking
  • Manual Clarification: shell damage is multiplied by number of gun barrels firing
  • Added Facebook link in Help section
  • Removed sound volume slider (master audio now controlled with device)
  • Fixed a rare bug whereby achievements could be deleted
  • Fixed several achievements which would not register or were impossible
  • Kongo torpedo reload messages removed
  • Torpedo reload timing corrected
  • Takao now has 8 torpedoes