When Ships Collide


Collisions are accurately modeled in Atlantic Fleet. The size of each vessel, their speed, armour and the angle of impact all determine the amount and where damage will be dealt. Incoming vessels usually suffer bow damage while target ships are damaged at the point of impact.

Capital ships can easily cause fatal damage to smaller vessels, such as destroyers, when ramming. However both ships will take some amount damage regardless of size. In addition escorts and other ships can ram submarines at periscope depth.

Collisions also occur between friendly units, especially those in tight formations, maneuvering sharply or with damage to their steering.

Screenshot shows HMS Glowworm colliding with Admiral Hipper which occurred on April 8 1940.
For those keenly watching the unveiling of ships over on the Facebook page you can add Admiral Hipper Class heavy cruiser and G Class destroyer to the list of ships available in game.


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Version 2.10 of Pacific Fleet is now available for all supported platforms. It contains a couple of quick fixes for the Android/Kindle version of the game, but most importantly, it brings the iOS version up to speed with the many recent changes to the game!

What’s new in 2.10

  • Star shell brightness greatly increased
  • Ships no longer face away from each other at combat start
  • Added “Auto Next” feature under Quit Battle page (1 to 3 second delay between auto turn progression)
  • Fixed TDC/Imp. Detonators not applied to first torpedo fired
  • IJN ships now lose xp when sunk in campaign
  • Aircraft attacks must target an enemy before launching
  • *** on level 1 IJN Campaign now displays correctly on map
  • AAA upgrade reduced to 8,000 renown, allows M.I.C. achievement
  • Fixed a bug where a sinking ship would sometimes linger on surface
  • Fixed a rare bug where turn order broke on an enemy sinking
  • Manual Clarification: shell damage is multiplied by number of gun barrels firing
  • Added Facebook link in Help section
  • Removed sound volume slider (master audio now controlled with device)
  • Fixed a rare bug whereby achievements could be deleted
  • Fixed several achievements which would not register or were impossible
  • Kongo torpedo reload messages removed
  • Torpedo reload timing corrected
  • Takao now has 8 torpedoes